Checking in on California’s super bloom

After years of extreme drought in California, we were finally blessed with a badly needed wet winter. You could say that we got more rain than we bargained for. It rained a lot, resulting in breached dams, landslides and flooding.

Despite the devastation caused by the winter storms, there is a silver lining (other than the fact that we are no longer in a severe drought): the wild flowers of California’s inland deserts have come to life, thriving after the winter’s heavy downpours. News outlets such as CNN, NPR and the LA Times have been building the hype of this excellent flower season, coining it “the super bloom.” The super bloom seems to be the hot topic at the moment, as everyone and their mother has been hastily flocking to the desert to get their new Facebook profile pictures before the heat of summer shrivels up the flowers.

In the mood for a fun adventure, I was intrigued by the wild flower hype as well. I decided that I had to head out to Anza Borrego and see what this super bloom business is all about with my own two eyes.

Left San Diego around 5am, just in time to catch the rising sun in Anza Borrego.
The super bloom is real!
I didn’t have much expectations, but they were definitely exceeded.




Laughing at the hipsters posing for photos in their leopard print jackets as I do the same thing (minus the jacket). How hypocritical.
These caterpillars are loving all the flowers to eat.
More super bloom.
And more super bloom.

Anza Borrego Slot Canyon & Wind Caves

Looking at flowers is cool and all, but thirty minutes of frolicking in flowers doesn’t exactly merit a two hour drive. We took advantage of being in Anza Borrego and hit two more spots in the park: Slot Canyon and Wind Caves.

Descending into the slot canyon. A refreshingly shady trail in the 90+ degree desert heat.



Heading over to the Wind Caves. Probably more dirt roads than Nissan recommends you drive your Versa on, but she took it like a champ.
Cactus super bloom.
Wind Caves, a sandstone formation with some unique erosion that forms tunnels and caves. Veeery hot at this point.



Hiding from the sun in a cave.
Borrego bad lands.
The super bloom continues.


Most of the barrel cacti weren’t in bloom, but I spotted a few that were.
Parked my car under this awesome, shady sandstone formation.
Super bloom traffic is the real deal. Back to San Diego. Back to the grind.

4 thoughts

  1. Wow, super bloom for sure. Thanks for sharing the pictures and your adventures. Love all the pictures folks are posting of the flowers this year. Nice to see you three too XO

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  2. Some amazingly beautiful places and plants! (More caption info would be helpful, although not necessarily required.) Keep these thoughts and photos coming. Love, Uncle Lee

    Liked by 1 person

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