Vlog: 10,000 feet above the Indian Ocean

Reunion Island is a paradise for those who enjoy both the ocean and the mountains. I live on the edge of the sand in Reunion, but just 13 miles as the crow flies from my front door is an ancient volcano that protrudes more than 10,000 feet into the sky. You can freeze your ass off almost two miles above the sea and catch a wave over a coral reef all on the same day in Reunion. It’s possible.

I love a good hiking challenge, so ever since I arrived in Reunion I knew that I would someday attempt to scale the island’s highest peak. Piton des Neiges, which translates to ‘snowy peak’, is a bit misleadingly named considering the mountain last saw snowfall in 2006. However, even without snow the elevation and unpredictable weather patterns create quite a contrast to the sweltering temperatures on the coast of the island.

Piton des Neiges is doable as a very long day hike, but you can also stay the night in a small lodge to break it up into two days. I opted for the latter option because my schedule was dictated by the bus schedules, which didn’t time very well with a sunrise summit at 6am. It’s recommended to summit early because the mountain usually only sees an hour or two of sunshine each morning before clouds envelop it.

Give the vlog a watch to see how my trip went.

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