Vlog: Three interesting quirks of Sayulita, Mexico

Have you ever heard of Sayulita?

Sayulita is rapidly becoming a sought-after tourist destination on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Just an hour north of the bustling streets and condo high-rises of Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita calls to a different type of traveler, one looking for a more rustic experience away from the tourists traps, but not too far away from the luxuries of a city’s infrastructure.

The funny thing is, last time I was in Sayulita — just before covid hit — I told myself I wouldn’t be coming back for a while. The hordes of tourists, dirty beach, and mediocre waves had left me thinking that there were better options elsewhere. Sayulita had started to become less attractive in my eyes as far as getting an authentic travel experience with quality surfing waves in Mexico.

As we all know, circumstances drastically changed in 2020 and after six months of working at home I found myself looking for a cheap, tropical place to ride out covid that is not too hard to get to, has easy access to surfing, and has relatively robust infrastructure to get good wifi and cell service to work on. Sayulita, a very cheap flight from Tijuana, checked all the boxes and here I find myself again.

Despite my aforementioned grievances with Sayulita, it really is what you make it. The waves in town are better suited for beginners or longboarding, but there is fun to be had in the ocean if expectations are kept in check. And there are postcard-worthy, empty beaches within a mile’s walk of town where you can avoid the crazy crowds, litter, and questionable water quality of the town’s main river mouth.

Instead of just making a stereotypical vlog about the beach vibes and surf of Sayulita (like I am sure many before me have done), I decided to dive into a couple more subtle points of interest in the town and surrounding area, points that those who have not visited surely wouldn’t know about.

I hope the video does justice to the unique, vibrant culture that this little surf village has to offer.

2 thoughts on “Vlog: Three interesting quirks of Sayulita, Mexico

  1. Thanks, Evan, This was both fun and educational. I wish we could join you down there for a week or so!

    I’ll write soon.




  2. A very special place. Love the vibe and friends we have made over the years. Agree with the three special things. It has grown incredibly over the past decade. Glad you are there and showing Madison around. Loved seeing her surfing and Emilio’s balancing skills. Must be great (but very hot) in the off season. Hope the surf picks up!♥️🌴☀️


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